High school can be very challenging both academically and emotionally. Facing these challenges while still growing physically and mentally is not an easy task. At The Office Group, we want to build relationships with our members so they feel they have another person on their team. As students mature and want to exert independence from their families, The Office Group provides another option for them to speak with adults about what is important in their lives. Members need to learn that making good choices in high school is critical. By providing mentorship in a welcoming environment, we know our members can become outstanding citizens and leaders in their communities.

The college selection process can be daunting for both students and parents. Students want a school that suits their academic abilities and interests, as well as a campus setting that appeals to them. Parents want the same for their student, but may see the cost of college as a major obstacle.  At The Office Group, we try to address the college selection process in a coordinated and informed fashion.

To that end, we work to find the right “fit” for the student and a good match for the family financially.  We provide assistance to parents filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as well as help students identify and apply for scholarships to supplement funding for their education. The Office Group will also help qualifying members apply for fee waivers.


"The Office Group is an absolutely awesome program with awesome staff!  The program has really energized my son and got him excited about continuing his education.  The staff have given him direction and motivated him to apply for schools, assisted him in filling out college applications, applying for scholarships, and proofing his application essays.  My son went from someone who did not see the urgency of taking steps towards his college career early on, to someone who is stoked about college and his future, and is taking the initiative to get things done.  The staff speak life and encouragement to my son and his college career, goals, and his desired employment after college.  Without this program and its wonderful staff and their knowledge and insight about the college application process, my son may have missed out on great opportunities for schools, scholarships, and early success.  I am so grateful that my son has had the opportunity to participate in The Office Group!  Thanks again for all you do!"   - Mindie

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Social Mentorship

Academic Monitoring

College Counseling


Continued Monitoring and Mentorship

High School

Academic success is not only important for college admission, it helps build self-confidence. At The Office Group, we have developed a network of tutors to support our members. In addition to weekly tutoring sessions in academic subjects, The Office Group has community partners, such as the Tutoring Club, that offer standardized test preparation courses, among other services. The various services are either free or deeply discounted for our members.

We start early with our members talking about what they see as options for their future. We help them plan class schedules that meet or exceed requirements for their aspirations - be it college, trade school or another career path. We track grades and other metrics throughout the year to ensure the members stay on track. We provide work space with computers and internet access so our members have a place to study. We also make sure students are well-balanced and engaged in extracurricular activities and/or paid work and have the appropriate support resources for success. 

Getting our members to the right college or trade school is only half the battle. Keeping them in school and seeing them through graduation is our goal. To maximize each student's chance of success, we assign a mentor to track the progress of each student. The mentor keeps in regular contact with their mentee - checking on their academic performance, inquiring about their social well being and making sure they are financially stable and able to stay in school.