About OUR office

At The Office Group, we feel every student should have the opportunity to attend a college or trade school, or have a defined career path that will allow them be successful in life. We work with high school students of all ages and abilities to help them maximize their post-high school potential. Students can be recommended to us by parents, teachers, counselors, advocates, coaches or anyone who knows a student who has the ability and desire to expand their educational options, but may lack the financial means or family support to do so.

"Teens and parents often need guidance from the outside to navigate High School and after High School planning. Sometimes the need isn't to fix something that's wrong, but to set in place a direction that's right.  The support and mentorship that The Office Group has provided both myself and my son has helped us understand the details and direction that he wants to take after high school, and what he must do to get there."  - Crystal O.

In addition to regular meetings to review individual progress, the Executive Director also draws on volunteers and community resources to work with members to maximize the possibility of success.  We have had incredible results recruiting community partners to offer their talents and resources to the program. 

In addition to one-on-one work, we strive to expose members to a variety of experiences that will help shape their future and refine their aspirations. These experiences include college campus tours and frequent guest speakers in our offices.  Guest speakers cover topics from financial aid and life strategies to inspirational stories from individuals who have overcome challenging situations. We also encourage our members to participate in community service. We work with members to identify projects that will allow them to utilize their strengths and expand their leadership experience. 

At The Office Group, we believe obstacles can be overcome with hard work by our members and the right support from our team.​

The Office Group, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 2014, offers hard-working, under-resourced high school students the services necessary to maximize their higher education possibilities at little or no cost.

For high school students, support services include college counseling, academic monitoring, tutoring and social mentorship. We provide a welcoming physical space complete with desks, computers and internet for our members to work. As our members move on to college, we assign each student a mentor to make sure they have the academic, social and financial support they need to be successful.

Students must submit an application to be considered for placement in The Office Group. Parents or guardians must also agree to support their student in the requirements of the program. Once accepted, students become “members” for one school year. Members must re-apply to the program each year. 

The Office Group focuses its approach on having a high impact on a manageable number of members each year. The Executive Director works with each member to develop a plan of action for their education and social well-being.